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Figuring out last host reported data based on lookup



Looking for some advice on a popular topping of non reporting hosts.  Perhaps someone already came across something like this, or has a better way of doing it. 

We have device pairs that report differently, and I am looking for a way to alert if a device stops reporting based on expected reporting  cadence for a particular device.  For example, have a CSV with device name/IP and a column for the expected reporting threshold that can be used to generate an alert if it is exceeded.


FW1-primary, 2m
FW1-secondary, 4h

So the search can look at the second column, and if it's been more than 4 hours since FW1-secondary sent an event, an alert can be generated.  TIA!



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I would recommend doing it like this:

Lookup (demolookup):




Your alert search:


| metadata type=hosts | table host recentTime | lookup demolookup host | eval threshold=now()-seconds | where recentTime<threshold



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