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Dataset used for getting search performance numbers


I want to evaluate the search performance of my Splunk setup similar to what Splunk has published here:

Does anyone know:
1. The dataset they used?
2. The search queries they performed for various types of searches (dense, sparse etc.)?

If it is not published, can anyone point me to such a dataset suited for measuring search performance?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi, @swatishs

You can simply generate a dataset on your own with the Eventgen tool available in Splunk Base It ships with event samples which you can modify to your environment. Additionally, to create a known distribution of your matching rates, you can create artificial fields that simply contain keywords like "every10", "every1M", etc., so you can use them in your searches to test, for example:

dense search:
'search index={index_name} every10  | stats count'

sparse search:
'search index={index_name} every1K  | stats count'

rare search:
'search index={index_name} every10M | stats count'
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