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Dashboard based on scheduled report loads slowly while scheduled report executes


I have a bunch of scheduled reports that run 15 minutes past the hour (with the window set to 'Auto').

The dashboard normally loads instantly, but takes a very long time when it's 15 minutes past the hour. It appears that the old cached results are deleted before the new run finishes, forcing the client to wait for the fresh data.

Is this a bug in Splunk, and if so, who can I contact?


I know this question was asked almost an year ago, I am facing the same issue right now!!
solution: Used |loadjob savedsearch="owner:app:savedsearchname" | otherconditions.

This worked even when the scheduled search starts running (every 15mins past the hour)

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Smells like bug to me; the panel should load the older search if the current one is being built.

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just to verify, try and run the search that's behind the report and check how long it takes to populate
if it takes 2 minutes for example, try and open the dashboard at minute 16 and check how fast it populates

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The search I looked at took 5 minutes to complete. There were a lot of other jobs running at the same time, though.

Loading the dashboard at 11:05 today loaded instantly. At 11:15, the dashboard took ~4 minutes to load.

Also, we're running version 6.5.2, if that's of any use.

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