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Can I make my LWF (lightwieght forwarder) even MORE lightweight that it is out-of-the-box (i.e. Super LightWeight)?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

If so, how? What else can I disable or streamline such that my LWF takes up even less local resources?

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Splunk Employee

another tracks : - if you are on 4.2, try the 4.2 Universalforwarder, that is minimalistic. - be very specific in your path to monitor to reduce the number of path to check. (event before using white or blacklisting)

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This was discussed here and some pretty good information as given out:


If it is windows light forwarder, you can also specifically disable the scripted inputs for wmi and regmon in system/default. This will remove two extra processes, but splunkd is still the heavy.


Just a minor improvement, but you can disable (or delete) the sample app.

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