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use of streamstats over transaction command


I have below sample events-
type=2, time=04/03/2020 01:01:000
type=3, time=04/03/2020 01:16:000
type=3, time=04/03/2020 01:22:000
type=2, time=04/03/2020 02:20:000
type=4, time=04/03/2020 03:00:000
here I want duration which startswith="type=2" and endswith="type=3 OR type=4" without using transction command since using transaction query becomes very slow.
can I achieve above using streamstats?

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Try this:

Index="YouShouldAlwaysSpecifyIndex" AND sourcetype="And sourcetypeToo"
| streamstats count(eval(type="3")) AS sessionID BY source
| stats range(_time) AS duration values(type) AS type BY sessionID
| search type="2" AND type="3"

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index=yours sourcetype=yours
| eval time=strptime(time, "%m/%d/%Y %T%1N")
| reverse
| streamstats count(eval(type="2")) as sessions by source
| stats range(time) as duration by sessions

I don't know your field extraction.
let's fix it.


Let me give you some brief detail-
type-2 means gps connection loss and type-3 means it is gps connection restored.
Now I want to know for how much duration gps was loss so start with type-2 and end with type-3.
But in data type-3 may come multiple times in consecutive and similarly for type-2.
and in one source those strings will multiple times and i want to calculate duration by source and within one source there can be may gps loss happened and i want all those loss duration.
Hope this helps to understand my query clearly.
I have just now designed one query which will work only if I select one source in start of query but it won't be working for all source using by clause and global=false in streamstats.

|streamstats range(_time) as duration reset_after="("match(Type,\"2\")")" global=f window=2 by source

appreciate your help.

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I see your situation.
please provide sample log.

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what's transaction id?
and in your sample, what's the durations?

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transaction id is source and duration starts from type=2 until first type=3

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