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assertionconsumerservice URL is missing from samlrequest in SP-initiated SSO flow.


I am currently working with our Okta team to get SSO working with Splunk. However, we cannot get the assertionconsumerservice URL to send. We've tried adding the field manually in authentications.conf and the field still doesn't send.


Here's the authentication.conf with some things removed.

authSettings = saml
authType = SAML

admin =


entityId = splunk-
fqdn =
idpCertPath = idpCert.pem
idpSSOUrl = https://(removed)
issuerId =
redirectAfterLogoutToUrl =
redirectPort = 0
AssertionConsumerServiceURL =
replicateCertificates = true
signAuthnRequest = false
signatureAlgorithm = RSA-SHA1
signedAssertion = true
sloBinding = HTTPPost
sslKeysfile = /opt/splunk/etc/auth/server.pem
sslKeysfilePassword =
ssoBinding = HTTPPost

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remove that AssertionConsumeServerURL

create an okta local group on okta and map it to your admin user, and put it on the config there

admin = OktaGroupCreatedinOkta

test iDP initated login to splunk? if that works then SP initiated login should work now as well.

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post your authentication.conf on the search head

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