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Why does realtime_schedule keep changing back to default after I make changes in GUI on Splunk 6.2?

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I use Splunk 6.2. I have few scheduled searches that creates summary index. I need them to run on time (Not continued), So i changed the realtime_schedule value to "1" in savedsearches.conf. Every time i change something about the searches in GUI (i.e re-scheduling time etc.) that value keep changing back to "0" and i have to manually change it back again.

Did anyone else noticed this? Is that a bug? or by-design?

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This by design, but I believe this is a bug. Apparently, Splunk assumes that realtime_schedule should be off whenever the summary index action is used. I filed a bug on this (SPL-105638).

BTW: I recognize this is a very late response; I only now ran into this behavior.

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