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Why can I edit another users KO's but can't edit permissions to KO's owned by another user?

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Is it expected behavior when a user has write capability to another users knowledge object and the app, that write capability does not include "Edit Permissions" capability to that object? 

Users have the ability to edit objects that they are not the owner of but don't have the ability to edit the permissions of the objects they are not the owner of.  They can only edit permissions of objects that they own.

We can see the users are in the role that has write permissions to the object as well as write permissions to the app, the objects in the app aren't private, but for saved searches the dropdown in the Edit menu, the "Edit Permissions" option does not appear.  The Edit Permissions option only seems to appear for the owner of the object.  For lookups owned by another user, Permissions can be seen by others with write capability to the object but are greyed out and unable to modify the permissions.

We've verified that the user can edit the object by modifying a savedsearch or lookup and clicking on save, and subsequently seeing the change afterwards.  Write permissions seems to exist for objects owned by another user but not the ability to modify the permissions to those objects.

This occurs on multiple search centers.

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this is expected behaviour. Write access to app/objects is different thing than changing it permission. Also there is a separate capabilities to change own objects and other users objects.

r. Ismo

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