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Where to download data for use to practice/learn splunk?

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I've completed the 'fundamentals' study but wish to move further. However, not having any data to work w/ is a stopper. I'm hoping there's somewhere I can obtain various files to work with. Can you help me?

Thanks much.

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I am new to Splunk and on my route to learning, I found the data for practice on this link

Answers in your question helped me to get the link,



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@djchatman, if your intent is to practice with the exact same data set used for Fundamentals 1, then you should try the tutorial Data from hypothetical ButterCup Games as @skoelpin has suggested (I have provided Another Link to the same file from Splunk Search Tutorial App):

If your intent is to practice Splunk commands on any data, you can try several other approaches:
1) Eventgen App on Splunkbase: This app can be used to generate dyummy data live based on sample data added to the app. Refer to youtube walk-thru from Clint Sharp (~ 5 min video) on setting up the App and how to use it.

2) Splunk's _internal index,_audit etc. : Splunk monitors itself using its own logs. You can query them as _internal logs will always be written when Splunk is running on your machine.

3) Turn on Performance or Event Log monitoring (on Windows machine): Follow simple steps to turn on Performance monitoring like CPU, Memory etc on your personal machine and use the indexed data

4) Generate mock data using commands like makeresults and gentimes to cook up data on the fly and run your search command on the same. If you follow most of Splunkers here on Splunk Answers use this approach to generate some dummy data as per user's question and then propose solutions.

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"


Here's some tutorial data you can use

Below is publicly available data that Montgomery county releases. You can do cool things like finding the most popular car that gets caught for speeding to visualizing crime maps. It updates on a pretty frequent basis


How to fetch data from this montgomery site?

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You need to select an industry and can download the CSV file to start and upload it into Splunk. I think you could stream it via a rest call too

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