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I have a dashboard that I'd like to schedule to be emailed once a week. The dashboard takes about 30 seconds to fully render when I load it in my browser. However, when I schedule it for email delivery, the PDF looks like it was generated before the dashboard had a chance to fully render. Some of the reports are empty, some are only partially generated. Any thoughts?



I had the same issue. Unfortunately, the only resolution I found was to make the dashboard load more quickly. Summary indexing for each report obviously helped greatly. What really helped was that reports that are not pulling realtime data have been scheduled to run prior to PDF creation. That way the dashboard pulls the cached results and does not have to actually run the search when the PDF is being generated.

Support suggested that I increase the timeout in pdf_server.conf but it didn't work for me. Worth a try though...

firefox_timeout = 400

Another issue is that charts/tables will run together, and the report in general looks horrible. I have bug ticket SPL-35584 with splunk which has been in "Waiting on Dev" status since March. We are still on 4.1.8 so im not sure if they fixed it in 4.2.x.

Good luck!

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