Knowledge Management

Reset knowledge object permissions to app default


I'm working on cleaning up permissions for knowledge objects on our search head cluster. I noticed that if I create new knowledge objects and share them with the app their settings in local.meta don't have a line for 'access ='.


Default app permissions example


export = none
owner = admin
version = 8.1.1
modtime = 1610106340.325106000


After manually changing permissions (even back to the default)


access = read : [ admin ], write : [ admin ]
export = none
owner = admin
version = 8.1.1
modtime = 1610106459.558993000


but no matter what I do to objects that have had permissions set I can't seem to get them to exist without this line and just accept app default permissions. 

Does anyone know a safe way to reset a knowledge objects permissions to app defaults without directly modifying local.meta on the sh-cluster members?

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