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Problem with NULL eventtype w/ summary index

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I have a summary index that is being populated correctly via a scheduled query (or so it would seem). Here's the scheduled query:

index=web sourcetype=weblog | sitimechart span=1day count BY eventtype usenull=f

If I lookup all of the entries in the summary index, I see events that contain the 2 available eventtypes (httpallow and httpdeny). However, running a timechart query against the summary index only produces data with NULL eventtype:

index=summary | timechart span=1day count by orig_eventtype

(if I include the usenull=f option then I get no data returned). Running the analogous timechart query against the web index will produce the correct result:

index=web_proxy | timechart span=1day count by eventtype usenull=f

Any ideas why my summary index appears to be ignoring the eventtype?

Thank you!

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Went to the gym to clear my head... the problem was that even though the eventtype was being put into the summary index event, the eventtype knowledge object wasn't being attached to the event since the necessary kv objects weren't being brought over as well. I just setup a new eventtype specific to the summary index and that fixed the problem.

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