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Missing permissions in data model

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My Splunk instance is missing the full permissions options when attempting to edit permissions on a data model. In my case, all I see when I do Edit > Edit Permissions is:
Data Model: Name
Owner: admin
App: appname
Display For: Owner | App | All Apps.

But I do not get the checkboxes when selecting among Owner, App, All apps.

This is on a dev/test system with a new Ubuntu Install, fresh Splunk 6.5.2, and only one source feeding it data via syslog.

Is there anything I need to do to get the additional permissions options to display?

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Hey @cmerriman,

Yes, in both instances I am using an admin-level account. In the test instance with the fresh install, the default 'admin' account is the only account in splunk. I can create and edit everything about the data model, and even move the permissions between the three options (app, all apps, etc) but I cannot view the granular permissions with the checkboxes.

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what type of role are you? Admin or Power?
I believe only Admin or Power users can edit permissions on KOs.

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