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Is there a way to extract single count values from sistats summary data?


At the end of a long search that goes into a summary index we capture counts of events by site using sistats:

| sistats dc(site) by partner trackingid date _time

This results in a field in the summary like:


which has pairs of site_id value and event counts for that site. We usually use dc() to get a count of sites per day for a given item and just get the total of the counts, but we have a need to get back out the count corresponding to a specific site.

We can get the list of sites with this:

| stats values(site) as sites count as totalcount by trackingid date partner

But I can't figure out how to get the individual counts out matched up to the corresponding site. Is there a way to tell that site 113 had 6 events? And we need it for all sites so we could eventually do an mvexpand or similar (so it can't be finding an index to a specific value).

Unfortunately since sistats delimits both the data point and the set with semi-colon most of the built in functions don't seem to help. I've been looking for something like an unzip (an inverse of mvzip?) or slice operation on a string or multivalue field to get pairs of values or every other one.


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Okay, Think I figured out a way forward. I'm using rex to parse out every other item directly from the sistats generated field:

| eval parsed_sites=psrsvd_vm_site | rex field=parsed_sites mode=sed "s/(\d+);\d+;?/\1;/g"
| eval parsed_counts=psrsvd_vm_site | rex field=parsed_counts mode=sed "s/\d+;(\d+);?/\1;/g"

This gives me two fields holding each type of value in order. Now I should be able to manipulate those lists to get what I want. Probably by converting them to multivalued fields, getting the index of a site and looking up the count by index, etc.