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Is there a Splunk Version Control app?

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Hello community,

I hope you are doing well.

I have a customer that wants to have a Version Control system with Splunk.

And the option that I see is Git to be able of do all the Backup and Restore process.

I tried with this app

But this app doesn't work as I expected, because is not able of do the commit automatically and is just for save the Knowledge Objects in another location.


I would like to know if there is any app that helps doing the commit process to the remote repository or this must be done using an script, I would like to avoid the customer do it manually.

Thanks for the inputs.


Best Regards.

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You might like to track changes to your knowledge objects. It's no effort, doesn't require git or anything else, and works equally well on-prem and in cloud.



just follow those instructions how to install and define needed inputs for it. Then it should work. Be sure that you select the correct app for enterprise or for cloud as there are separate for those.

If needed you can found Gareth from Splunk Slack group.

r. Ismo

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We successfully implemented the app in our environment. We use it to backup our cloud based environment via a local enterprise system. If your commit is not working try to find the error in the logs.

We used a windows based system and after small troubles it is working now.

Best regards

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You might also want to give a try to you can version knowledge objects individually and deploy them where you want, that's repository for splunk

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