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Is it possible to populate a specific summary index using sitimechart?


I've created a new summary index that I'd like to populate with historical data. I cannot seem to find any documentation that indicates how to specify the name of a summary index when populating the summary index using sitimechart.

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You actually don't need to use the collect command. When you save the search, go to the Manager and edit it.
Make sure that the search is scheduled to run the way you want. At the very bottom of the page, there is a dropdown where you can choose the summary index.


You need to pipe the "si" commands to a collect command to send to any index. Alternatively, you can make a scheduled search and check the box to enable summary indexing and choose the index.

E.g. ....|sitimechart count by site |collect index="site_summary"

Ofcourse, site_summary has to be an existing index.

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