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How to pass multiple values to one argument in a macro?

Hi All,

I need help from you.
I have a macro with 4 arguments(ASSIGNEE,Branch,month,year). Out of those 4 arguments, 2 are multi value fields(ASSIGNEE,Branch).
Both these "ASSIGNEE" and "Branch" arguments receive inputs from a multi-select field. But, when i select more than 2 values in multi-select, then it starts throwing an error.
Please help me to achieve passing multiple values to the same arguments.

Thanks ...

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When you select multiple values from multiselect then it will return string with space separated if delimiter not specified.

Please check below example where I have specified comma as a delimiter and used in search panel. In search I'm passing this value after converting it to multivalue.

  <fieldset submitButton="false">
    <input type="multiselect" token="sourcetype">
        <query>index=_internal | stats count by sourcetype</query>
      <delimiter> ,</delimiter>
          <query>|makeresults | eval sourcetype="$sourcetype$",sourcetype=split(sourcetype,",") | `test1(sourcetype)`</query>
        <option name="drilldown">none</option>


Name: test1(1)

Definition: eval In_sourcetype=$sourcetype$,count=mvcount(In_sourcetype)

Arguments: sourcetype

Let me know for further assistance.


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@ kamlesh_vaghela,

Hai Thanks for the reply.

I have complete query in my macro. It's starting with index(macro query) .. when i use above suggestion its throwing error and also i have two multi-select field in query(macro).

Above suggestion is not working...

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Can you please share your sample dashboard and macro definitions? Make sure you are not sharing original index names and other details.

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