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How to configure Splunk so it retains logs for 13 months Hot or readily available to search?

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Currently we believe our system is configured to retain logs for the approximate 5.9 years but when we do searches we can only go back approximately 8 moths which appears to drop off to 8 months every week. Here is the configuration;

index specific defaults

maxDataSize = auto
maxWarmDBCount = 300
frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 188697600 (2,184 DAYS)
rotatePeriodInSecs = 60
coldToFrozenScript =
coldToFrozenDir =
compressRawdata = true
maxTotalDataSizeMB = 500000

homePath = $SPLUNK_DB/historydb/db
coldPath = $SPLUNK_DB/historydb/colddb
thawedPath = $SPLUNK_DB/historydb/thaweddb
tstatsHomePath = volume:_splunk_summaries/historydb/datamodel_summary
maxDataSize = 10
frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 604800 (7 DAYS)

homePath = $SPLUNK_DB/summarydb/db
coldPath = $SPLUNK_DB/summarydb/colddb
thawedPath = $SPLUNK_DB/summarydb/thaweddb
tstatsHomePath = volume:_splunk_summaries/summarydb/datamodel_summary

homePath = $SPLUNK_DB/_internaldb/db
coldPath = $SPLUNK_DB/_internaldb/colddb
thawedPath = $SPLUNK_DB/_internaldb/thaweddb
tstatsHomePath = volume:_splunk_summaries/_internaldb/datamodel_summary
maxDataSize = 1000
maxHotSpanSecs = 432000
frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 2592000 (3 DAYS)

homePath = $SPLUNK_DB/audit/db
coldPath = $SPLUNK_DB/audit/colddb
thawedPath = $SPLUNK_DB/audit/thaweddb
tstatsHomePath = volume:_splunk_summaries/audit/datamodel_summary

homePath = $SPLUNK_DB/fishbucket/db
coldPath = $SPLUNK_DB/fishbucket/colddb
thawedPath = $SPLUNK_DB/fishbucket/thaweddb
tstatsHomePath = volume:_splunk_summaries/fishbucket/datamodel_summary
maxDataSize = 500
frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 2419200 (28 DAYS)

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Review the daily ingestion rate (indexed data/day) for each of the indexes with configuration frozenTimePeriodInSecs = 188697600 (2,184 DAYS) and calculate the storage required for your desired retention. Then compare that with your available disk capacity. Its likely that you don't have enough storage to store data for 5.9years and hence they are ageing out.

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