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Can you use the same macro with additional arguments for another dashboard?


Hi All,

I have a macro with three Arguments.
I need to us the same macro in another dashboard, but there, i need to include one more dropdown filter condition or Argument to that macro. Is it possible to use the same macro with additional Arguments. But i don't want to disturb the macro base. In saved macro, macro should have 3 Arguments, But for that single dashboard it need to run with 4 arguments is it possible.

Thanks in Advance 🙂 ..

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @shankarananth. Did the answer below solve your question? If yes, please click “Accept” directly below the answer to resolve the post. If not, please comment with more information if you are still having issues.

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Make a copy of that macro, add an argument to it. When you call mymacro(p1, p2, p3) it'll use the one with three parameters. When you call mymacro(p1, p2, p3, p4) it'll use the one with 4 macros.

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This right here. No need to complicate the process by trying to reuse a macro and adding arguments.

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