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Can the _introspection index use SmartStore?

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I created a fresh index cluster in AWS using the Splunk AMI, upgraded to

In the "Configure SmartStore" doc, Splunk says, "The following indexes.conf settings must remain unset: bloomHomePath sumaryHomePath tstatsHomePath."

To try to enforce this on all indexes, in my master node, I created indexes.conf in etc/master-apps/_cluster/local and put in:

bloomHomePath =
summaryHomePath =
tstatsHomePath =

When I run "splunk validate cluster-bundle" I don't get an error, but when I then run "splunk show cluster-bundle-status" it says,

[Critical] stanza=_introspection Required parameter=tstatsHomePath not configured

Unless I remove the tstatsHomePath setting, the bundle won't validate.

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