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After creating a KV Store collection in Splunk 6.3.1, why am I getting error "Invalid field type='cidr'"?


I recently created a KV Store Collection with one of the field types set to "cidr."

I get this error when using the lookup command:

ERROR CollectionConfigurationProvider - Invalid field type='cidr'

I have another Splunk instance with the exact same collections.conf and transforms.conf files which does not throw this exception. The only difference I can see between the instances is the version.

Working version = 6.3.2
Non-working version = 6.3.1

The docs claim CIDR is is supported in both releases...

Any idea what could be causing this issue?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You can still use CIDR, it is just not an explicit type. You should be able to just mark CIDR on the lookup, and use string as the type for the collection instead of CIDR.

I've updated the docs that you linked in your post. I hope this resolves your issue!

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'cidr' isn't list as a valid type for fields in collections.conf. Thus, the docs are somewhat ambiguous. I opened a conversation with docs about this and a ticket has been created to figure this out (for reference, SPL-113491).

I'm actually adding support for these fields in the Lookup Editor so I'm glad you said something. I hadn't even recognized that these other fields existed since I was going off of collections.conf.

Good catch on your part.

Update 1
Support for CIDR fields is coming in version 3.3. I have CIDR field support working in the development branch but I am going to add support for the array field type too before I release it.

Update 2
This is now supported. Note that you will need to ensure that no Javascript is cached in either the browser or within SplunkWeb (by restarting Splunk).

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