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共有ディスク上のログ転送について About log transfer on shared disks

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  • 共有ディスクを利用したクラスタ構成のサーバで共有ディスク上のログをuniversal forwarderでSplunkCloudへ転送しアラートにより特定条件のメッセージ監視をしようとしています。

    通常運用時は問題ありませんが、クラスタでフェールオーバーが発生した場合に待機系サーバのuniversal forwarderでは共有ディスク上のログを先頭から読み込んでしまい、SplunkCloud上ではログの重複が発生してしまいます。


I am trying to forward the logs on the shared disk to Splunk Cloud using a universal forwarder on a server in a cluster configuration using a shared disk, and use alerts to monitor messages under specific conditions.

There is no problem during normal operation, but if a failover occurs in the cluster, the universal forwarder on the standby server will read the logs on the shared disk from the beginning, resulting in duplicate logs on Splunk Cloud.

In a cluster configuration with a shared disk configuration like this, has anyone taken any measures to prevent logs from being duplicated on SplunkCloud, such as not transferring logs to be transferred from the beginning after a failover?

*Translated by the Splunk Community Team*

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