splunk enable boot-start not working SLES 15.1

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Trying to enable startup on SLES 15.1:

/opt/splunkforwarder/bin # ./splunk enable boot-start
Unknown option: levels
chkconfig -A|--allservices (together with -l: show all services)
chkconfig -t|--terse [names] (shows the links)
chkconfig -e|--edit [names] (configure services)
chkconfig -s|--set [name state]... (configure services)
chkconfig -l|--list [--deps] [names] (shows the links)
chkconfig -L|--liston [--deps] [names] (as -l, enabled in at least 1 level)
chkconfig -c|--check name [state] (check state)
chkconfig -a|--add [names] (runs insserv)
chkconfig -d|--del [names] (runs insserv -r)
chkconfig -h|--help (print usage)
chkconfig -f|--force ... (call insserv with -f)chkconfig [name] same as chkconfig -t
chkconfig name state... same as chkconfig -s name state
chkconfig --root=<root> ... use <root> as the root file system

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Try specifying systemd and be sure to use sudo or run as root user:

sudo /opt/splunk/bin/splunk enable boot-start -user splunk -systemd-managed 1

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