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I'm trying to write a custom rpm for splunk. I generated the bulk if the spec file using rpm --scripts -qp splunk.rpm > splunk.spec. I ran a "find /opt/splunk -type f" and included the output in the %files section of the spec file. I used the rpmbuild -ba splunk.spec command to successfully create the RPM.

However, when I go to install the RPM I generated, I get the following dependency error:

[root@host x86_64]# rpm -i splunk-4.2-39846.x86_64.rpm error: Failed dependencies: /opt/splunk/bin/python is needed by splunk-4.2-39846.x86_64

What am I missing or doing wrong with the RPM build? Thanks in advance.

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Re: splunk RPM generation


try --nodeps and see if it installs?

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