enable boot start at install time

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Hi. We're starting to deploy Splunk Universal Forwarder (currently v 5.0.8) using Puppet rather than a straight RPM-and-post-install-configuration routine.

All works flowlessly except for the fact that we cannot set Splunk to enable boot-start without actually executing a command (obviously, splunk enable boot-start) and also provide the admin credentials -- which we wouldn't really want to store inside the puppet module.

Is there a way we can enable auto-start at installation time? We use the /prefix= option and I wondered if there is a similar option to enable boot-start



If you're Puppet savvy anyway, just use puppet to also deploy the init script directly (which is all enable boot-start does).

Or you could unroll and rebuild the rpm to have the post-script do it for you.

I would add that on every new install you will be challenged to accept the licence terms on the first run, so whatever you do part of the installation process is going to be to perform a dummy run if some kind with the "--accept-license" option.