What is a good way to export data from Splunk via rest API?


I want to export data from Splunk via rest API, I've been wondering whether there is a good "Splunk export" solution that can help me to send my query output/result to a third part application with the help of rest API

I have created saved serah in Splunk , and now I want to export the output of my saved serach to third party application on regular interval(once a week), I have the API details of that application with me. I checked webhook option but that was not much help since payload is fixed in that and can only be used with Alert type, Can anyone please suggest any other way .

Demo query:

index=main| timechart avg(page)

For Example API:

Happy to clarify more details if required.

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@ang3loliveira - You have two options:

  1. You have a report/alert already scheduled and running and you want to export the results of last execution.
    1. Use the REST API solution as provided by @aasabatini 
  2. You have report but not schedule and running. 
    1. Use Python SDK to run and get results and then use few lines in python script to send data to where you want to.
    3. Note that you can do first REST API call also with Python-Splunk-SDK.


I hope this helps!!! Karma/upvote would be appreciated!!!

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Hi @02sangeet 

I think the best way to use a data export from rest api is a curl



curl -k -u USERNAME:PASSWORD https://SPLUNK_URL:8089/services/search/jobs/export \
        --data-urlencode search='search index="my-index" earliest=0 latest=now | table field1, field2' \
        -d output_mode=csv \
        -d earliest_time='-y@y' \
        -d latest_time='@y' \
        -o output-file.csv


in that case the output is CSV but you can use these options

atom | csv | json | json_cols | json_rows | raw | xml

here additional documentation


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Hi @aasabatini 

Could you please provide an example on how to export the results of a query (alread executed, results saved) to CSV format?


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