User permissions for splunk multi-instance installation


I know it is possible to have multiple instances of splunk running on the same machine/server.

My question is if there would be a conflict with the $SPLUNK_HOME variable being assigned to the same user "splunk". How can such a configuration be made possible on linux?

I have a Search Head instance installed at /data/splunk/ and the home directory ($SPLUNK_HOME) for the "splunk" user is /data/splunk/bin/.

I need to install a Forwarder on the same machine at /data2/splunkforwarder/ and the user will still be "splunk". 

Will there be no conflict with 2 different home directories being assigned to the same user? Is such an implementation possible?

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For Splunk documentation:

SPLUNK_HOME = <string>
* The fully qualified path to the Splunk platform instance installation directory.
* The comment in the auto-generated splunk-launch.conf is informational, not
a live setting, and does not need to be uncommented.
* If not set, the Splunk platform automatically determines the location of SPLUNK_HOME
based on the location of the splunk CLI executable.
* Specifically, the parent of the directory containing splunk or splunk.exe

Accroding to this your forwarder home path will be /data2/splunkforwarder/ if splunk executable exist in /data2/splunkforwarder/bin/

So, there will no conflicts of running two instances under the same user.


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