Upgrading a multisite indexer cluster from 6.2.x to 6.3, can I perform the upgrade one by one instead of all at once?


I was reading through the upgrade documentation and came across a statement mentioning that I have to stop all peers and search head to perform the upgrade. My concern is that I will have to stop indexing data during upgrade. I am also planning on increasing the size of the DAS strorage within the same change window and the indexers are running out of disk space. Can I perform the indexer cluster upgrade one by one instead of doing it all at once?

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Following the documentation is usually the safest bet. That being said, you'll probably be fine with a rolling upgrade. Just make sure you backup $SPLUNKHOME/etc before starting, and upgrade the Cluster Master first. Then upgrade a peer and wait to ensure that the cluster regains sanity. Seeing the first one play well will give you confidence to proceed with the rest of them.

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