Unable to turn on splunk service on one of the indexer nodes

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One of the indexer in production, is in shutdown state. While trying to start splunk service on this server, it fails with the following error message.


homePath='/dev/splunk/var/lib/splunk/audit/db' of index=_audit on unusable filesystem.

Validating databases (splunkd validatedb) failed with code '1'. If you cannot resolve the issue(s) above after consulting documentation, please file a case online at


I did try to read through the troubleshooting article and even with “OPTIMISTIC_ABOUT_FILE_LOCKING=1” splunk service start up is still failing with same error.

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Hi @sdkp03,

Did you check /dev/splunk/var/lib/splunk/audit/db folder accessible for the user splunkd process is using?

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Folder was accessible. Files were readable. However due to corrupt filesystem was not able to write anything in the said directory as splunk user which was the cause for the issue. Host was rebooted to fix the issue. 

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