Unable to see "Create an App", "Browse for more Apps", or "Install app from File" under Manage Apps page. Is this linked to license usage?


Hi All,

I am unable to see options "Browse for more Apps", "Install app from File", "Create an app" options under the Manage Apps page in the search head. In the morning, I was able to see these options, but after that, I was no longer able to see them.

When discussing this issue with my colleagues, one of them said that it may be related to license usage and might be the reason these options were disabled (for info, we had a license exceed today). Can you please clarify if it is linked to the Licenses?

Thanks in advance

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A license exceed on a day should not disable you "app options" but should generate a warning/violation. Read more about what might happen when you exceed your license usage here:

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Hi gokadroid,

Thanks for the confirmation. Can you also please let me know what makes those menu's to disappear? Any idea

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