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I am working on upgrading a deployment server which is typically an easy task. My issue is that this particular environment has a strange path instead of the usual /opt/splunk/etc. This environment has /opt/Splunk/splunkenterprise/etc/. I feel like if i run the upgrade as i normally do untarring the file to /opt, it could create some issues. does anyone have insight as to if this should be upgraded "business as usual" or if the command needs modification? I am worried that untarring in under /opt will cause issues with other possible dependencies to particular file paths. 

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You can untar to a temp folder and move like below; (Make sure have a backup before upgrade)

cd /tmp
tar xzvf /path/to/splunk-install.tgz
mv splunk /opt/Splunk/splunkenterprise
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Just create a symlink named /opt/splunk which points to your odd path:

ln -s /opt/Splunk/splunkenterprise /opt/splunk

Make sure it's owned by your Splunk OS user and then continue on with your upgrade.

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