Splunk running on Linux version 6.4.1 to 8.05 Upgrade

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I am looking for the Splunk 7.0 RPM to upgrade from my running 6.4.1. 

I am unable to find this listed in the older releases. 7.1.1 seems to be the oldest one listed on the site. 

The upgrade docs mention 6.4 to 7.0 and then to 8.0.

Does anyone know if 7.0 is still downloadable? 

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Hi @scottroymcse ,

Per my research the version 7.0 is no longer available at Splunk to download. The option you have is to upgrade from version 6.4 to 6.5 and after that, upgrade to version 7.1 as described on the link below.

I would recommend to open a support case at Splunk just to confirm if this procedure is still valid. I strongly recommended that you can get a sandbox with the current version you are running and make the upgrade process, just to make sure everything will work as expected before run it into the production servers.

If this helps, please upvote. Thanks

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