Splunk on Splunk did not install successfully - what does msg mean: "Sideview Utilikilts Not Installed!!!!1!". Sideview 3.3.11 IS installed.

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Splunk Enterprise Version 6.1.8
Downloaded Sideview from the Sideview website, version 3.3.11 and installed sucessfully.
Installed SoS 3.2.1 from Splunk GUI, installed with no errors, restarted Splunk.
When starting SoS, get graphic pop-up showing a beached naval vessel with title "There Seems to be a Porblem" (sic).
also "This instance of Splunk does not have the Sideview Utils app installed.
also ""Sideview Utilikilts Not Installed!!!!1!"
That last message looks suspicious/malicious.

Has anyone had this happen? Any suggestions?

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It wants you to install

...though you should really install a current version of Splunk, along with the in-the-box distributed management console that replaces SoS.

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