Splunk Universal forwarder should forward the data to a specific index of Splunk Indexer


HI All, I want to forward the log data using Splunk Universal forwarder to a specific index of Splunk Indexer.
I am running UF and Splunk Indexer inside a docker container.

I am able to achieve this by modifying the inputs.conf file of UF after the container is started.


index = logs_data


But, after making this change, I have to RESTART my UF container. 

I want to ensure when my UF starts, it should send the data to "logs_data" index by default (assuming this index is present in the Splunk Indexer)

I tried overriding the default inputs.conf by mounting the locally created inputs.conf to its location

Below is the snippet of how I am creating the UF container


    image: splunk/universalforwarder:8.0
    hostname: splunkforwarder
      - SPLUNK_START_ARGS=--accept-license --answer-yes
      - SPLUNK_STANDALONE_URL=splunk:9997
      - SPLUNK_ADD=monitor /app/logs
      - SPLUNK_PASSWORD=password
    restart: always
        condition: service_healthy
      - ./inputs.conf:/opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/inputs.conf


But, I am getting some weird error while container is trying to start.


An exception occurred during task execution. To see the full traceback, use -vvv. The error was: OSError: [Errno 16] Device or resource busy: b'/opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/.ansible_tmpnskbxfddinputs.conf' -> b'/opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/inputs.conf'
fatal: [localhost]: FAILED! => {
    "changed": false


Unable to make /home/splunk/.ansible/tmp/ansible-moduletmp-1710787997.6605148-qhnktiip/tmpvjrugxb1 into to /opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/inputs.conf, failed final rename from b'/opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/.ansible_tmpnskbxfddinputs.conf': [Errno 16] Device or resource busy: b'/opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/.ansible_tmpnskbxfddinputs.conf' -> b'/opt/splunkforwarder/etc/system/local/inputs.conf'​


Looks like, some process is trying to access the inputs.conf while its getting overridden. 

Can someone please help me solve this issue?
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Are you able to check which process is using the inputs.conf file with lsof?
You may need to stop Splunk, update the file, then start Splunk again. 

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