[SmartStore] 502 bad request when attempting to connect

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Does anyone have a suggestion as to why I can't seem to connect to my S3 storage :

Here's the log :

S3Client - command=put transactionId=0x7f689102dc00 rTxnId=0x7f6891034100 status=completed success=N uri= statusCode=502 statusDescription="Bad Gateway"

I've successfully used a similar configuration in splunk on another machine with a zenko container.

Here I'm trying to connect to a "real" S3 scality ring via a VS entry who is acting as a load balancer.

I've got a couple access/secret key with write permission.

And I access the S3 storage using the same machine but in CLI with "aws s3" command.


Here's my indexes.conf

storageType = remote
path = s3://bucket_name/all_indexes/
remote.s3.endpoint =
remote.s3.access_key = access_key (replaced)
remote.s3.secret_key = secret_key
maxVolumeDataSizeMB = 10000000

remotePath = volume:remote_store/$_index_name
repFactor = auto


Do you have any suggestion ?

Is my conf faulty somewhere ?

Could the endpoint VS be the cause ? => Does it need to have "http profil" = none ?


Thank you in advance for your ideas and clues.



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