STEALTHbits Active Directory & LDAP Monitoring (Splunk 8.0.05, Windows) app isn't showing any data.

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I have Splunk 8.0.5 on Windows. One thing I would like to setup is "STEALTHbits Active Directory & LDAP Monitoring" app. But STEALTHbits app dashboard and other reports just doesn't show any data.

I install the app. Then I setup Active Directory Data Input with settings that correspond to STEALTHbits app.  Data is saved to index "sb_ad".

Using search I see a lot of events in Splunk from Active Directory, located in "sb_ad". But out of the box dashboard is empty.

Does anybody know if this is the right approach? Anybody knows how to setup STEALTHbits  Active Directory app?


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