Process for moving indexers to new datacenter with new IP address.


Hi All,

We will be moving our physical indexers from one datacenter to another datacenter. The new datacenter will have a new IP address scheme so I'll need to re-IP the indexers after they're in the new datacenter. We have a multi-site index cluster, 2 sites with 2 indexers in each site. I will move one site at a time and during the move both indexers in that site will be unavailable; the other site will still be up and able to index though.

The general plan I've come up with is as follows:

1.) On cluster master put cluster into maintenance mode
2.) Take peers in site offline
* Do I want to disable splunk auto-start on boot?
3.) Power servers down
4.) Modify monitoring console assets.csv file changing old indexer IP to new indexer IP
5.) Modify cluster master distsearch.conf file changing old indexer IP to new indexer IP
6.) Move servers to new datacenter and power-on
7.) Change IP address on Indexer and verify connectivity to cluster master and search heads
8.) Start Splunk on indexers
9.) Verify re-connection with cluster master
10.) Verify logs are being indexed
11.) Verify search against indexers works
12.) Verify no errors in Splunk logs

Am I missing any steps here?

If you've done something similar and have pointers you'd like to share I would appreciate it.

Thank you,


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