Multiple License Masters (failover scenario)



I was wondering if it is possible to configure a set of License Slaves to have two possible License Masters listed. In a situation where the first License Master goes down the Slaves/Indexers would automatically point to another License Master. Is this capability not available at this time? Will the Slaves/Indexers need to be manually pointed to a new License Master in this scenario?

Thank you for any feedback.

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Currently in the license stanza in server.conf you can only specify a single license master host in the master_uri property.

So you could use a DNS CName alias for your license master's host name, and in the event that the primary license master host goes down, remap the CName entry to the failover license master host, and this would be transparent to your license slaves.


do you know how often splunk does the dns lookup? if only once on startup then using DNS alone won't do the trick.

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