Move license from cluster to standalone



Splunk version: Splunk Enterprise 6.4.1
OS: Linux CentOS 7

We have a standalone Splunk enterprise where the license will soon expire. As we also have a distributed Splunk implementation with a lot of spare license on. We want to move one of our 5GB licenses from the distributed depolyment to the standalone server. Here is what we have done.

  • Copied out the license XML from the distributed deployment.
  • Deleted the license on the distributed deployment
  • Installed the license on the standalone server.

Here is where the issue arises. When we install the license we get a success reply. But when we go back to the license overview the license hasn't been added. But it is saved in the /opt/splunk/etc/license/enterprise directory. And we can see it on the debug page "All license details". We have of course restarted Splunk after installing the new license.

From what I understand, there should not be any problems moving a license from one server to another. Is there anything that I am missing? Or is this a bug?

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Hi, were you able to fix this issue?


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