Migrating Splunk ES Search Head from on-prem to AWS EC2 instance


I have Splunk 7.3.6 with ES 6.0.2 on an on-prem Linux VM. I have an EC2 instance already setup with Splunk Core 8.1.5 where I want to migrate the ES app.

Looking at various docs like Migrate from standalone searchheads and How to migrate, First doc is more about migrating from a standalone search head to an SHC, where it suggests to only migrate /etc/apps and /etc/users directory, however in the 2nd doc, which seems more closely relevant to what I want to achieve, it states, first I should copy over entire $SPLUNK_HOME directory on new system and then install Splunk on top of that. Not sure which one to follow.

Also, incase of 2nd doc, I have done the opposite, I have installed Splunk first and now looking to copy existing ES SH's $SPLUNK_HOME, on top of that, but dont know if it would work ?

Any suggestion ideas thoughts ?

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