Issues with Splunk Enterprise Install

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Hi I'm a student learning the use of splunk, and I could use some help getting the trial install to work in my homelab. I have tried for 8 1/2 hours and can not get splunk to start correctly off an iso install. All of the "install guides" I have found on the web outside of this forum seem to view this as one click, turnkey solution with no troubleshooting discussion. 

I downloaded the file:

I created a fresh VM of Ubuntu 20.04 server, and updated/upgraded all packages. I installed build-essential, default-jre, default-jdk, net-tools, nmap, and lynx. 

I installed the deb file in /opt/ as root using:

dpkg -i splunk-8.1.2-545206cc9f70-linux-2.6-amd64.deb

I navigated to /opt/splunk/bin and attempted ./splunk start --accept-license

The SPLUNK_HOME was not configured and gave an error, so I set 

export SPLUNK_HOME=/opt/splunk/

This allowed splunk to start the install, however now the web service does not start. 
I get:
Warning: web interface does not seem to be available!

There is no splunkd.log file, and the other logs are empty except for 



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