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Is there a way to calculate consumption of Citrix Servers for licensing requirement?

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I want to know if there is a way to calculate the consumption of Citrix Servers for licensing requierements from Licensing Servers, Zone Data Collectors and Xenapp Servers.

There are several scripted inputs that are required to be enabled for getting the performance results being monitored by Splunk. But I am unable to determine their usage consumption.

Please let me know.


Network Utilization
Process Utilization
Change Tracking
Event Monitoring
Application Faults

Connection Counts
Latency Metrics
Logon statistics

Published Application Usage
Users Per Application
Sessions per user
Internal/External connections
Licensing usage

Source Ip
Network statistics

ESX Performance

Provisioning Server

Web Interface/Storefront
IIS Logs

Custom dashboards
Historical Trending data
Custom Powershell script data

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if you want to collect Performance data from your Citrix farm, i would afford to look at the splunk app uberAgent. For this app we have a calculator for the estimated data that will be indexed by splunk. You can find more Information here:

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