Invalid template path errors after upgrading from 7.1 to 7.2.6.

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I'm after to Splunk Enterprise 7.2.6 from 7.1. The install, on Windows via gui, completed successfully. The migrating logs shows no error.

However when I log on to the Splunk Web UI and go to Deployment Monitor I get the following errors.

ServerSideInclude Module Error!
Invalid template path. C:\APP\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text\upgrade_popup.html
Invalid template path. C:\APP\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text\description_idle_indexer.html
Invalid template path. C:\APP\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text\description_backed_up_indexer.html
Invalid template path. C:\APP\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text\description_missing_forwarder.html
Invalid template path. C:\APP\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text\description_quiet_forwarder.html
Invalid template path. C:\APP\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text\description_low_data_forwarder.html
Invalid template path. C:\APP\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text\description_high_data_forwarder.html
Invalid template path. C:\APP\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text\description_missing_sourcetype.html
Invalid template path. C:\APP\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text\description_low_data_sourcetype.html
Invalid template path. C:\APP\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text\description_high_data_sourcetype.html

On my system, these files are located in the directory
C:\Program Files\Splunk\etc\apps\splunk_deployment_monitor\appserver\static\text

So clearly there is a config problem. I'm just not sure how to fix it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated...


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Re: Invalid template path Errors after upgrading to 7.2.6

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I would open a support case.

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Re: Invalid template path Errors after upgrading to 7.2.6


Hi John,

Is this a production server ? I would advise you to roll-back your update and try it out on a dev server before taking it to prod.


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Re: Invalid template path Errors after upgrading to 7.2.6

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If the splunk_deployment_monitor reference is the Deployment Monitor app shipped with Splunk then this issue could be as simple as you now being on a version of Splunk Enterprise (7.2.6) in which that app is nonfunctional.

Said more helpfully in the Splunk Docs:

Note: As of the release of Splunk Enterprise 6.3, the Deployment Monitor App has been deprecated, and is not compatible with Splunk Enterprise 6.3. Users of the Deployment Monitor App are instead encouraged to use the Distributed Management Console (DMC), which is already installed (but not yet configured) on your Splunk deployment, and lets you view detailed topology and performance information about your Splunk Enterprise deployment.

Be aware, the DMC has also been renamed to the Monitoring Console (MC). Learn more in the Monitoring Splunk Enterprise documentation.

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