If I have 3 license keys used by 2 different environments, is there a way to determine if the usage is coming from license A, B, or C and by what servers?


I have 3 license keys. licenseA is 50GB. licenseB is 50GB and licenseC is 100GB. I have a preProd environment and Prod environment running off of these license keys. PreProd is running off of licenseA and licenseC. Prod is running off of licenseB and licenseC.

I have it set up so there is a master license server in each environment. When i go to preProd license server under Settings>>Licensing i can see that licenseA and licenseC are in my license statck and contribute to the same pool. I can also see my preProd indexers listed in that pool. The same goes for my Prod environment in which i can see my indexers contributing to the pool involving licenseB and licenseC.

I want to figure out whether preProd has a full 150GB license to use and Prod has another 150GB to use. I also want to determine the usage by environment against my License and by individual license.

I guess my main question is if there a way to determine if the usage is coming from licenseA or licenseB or licenseC and what servers?

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If you have 3 license keys then each of those should be installed on only one license server. In your example, "License C" should be installed only on License_server_1 OR License_server_2 - not on both.

In your example, you have a total of 200GB worth of "purchased license" but have configured it as 300GB by duplicating this one license across both license servers.

Once you take two licenses and make a "stack" of them, then Splunk does not consider their capacities individually. Your "License A" and "License C" stack to a "150GB total". You can't look at that and try to decide that "these 10GB are allocated out of License A" and "these 10 out of License C"



You have total 200GB license which include license A,B and C.

Now answer to your first question, we can say preprod and prod environments have 150GB license. But it depends suppose your preprod environment is using 60GB license(50GB from license A and 10GB from license C), then prod environment have 140GB capacity only(50GB from license B and 90GB from license C)

You can check license usage by different Pool, that how many GB license used by that Pool. Even you can check Indexers used how much license.

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