How to save license usage while Indexing data and forward to another indexer?


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I want to store ALL data received by Group_A.
And just data in 2_a index of Group_A want to transfer to another indexer(Group_B).
Is there a way to save the license usage?
Thank you

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I want to store Group_A and Group_B.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

On a side note, you will get 2 X License hit here. Whatever is indexed on group B will be counted against the License Master.

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Is it possible to index at site A and then forward select indexes to site B? Is there some custom replication setting that could make this possible?

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Have a look at "Configure selective indexing" on this page:

I believe the data will only hit the license meter one time with the configuration you are looking for.

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Not store in Goup_A.
But store in Group_B.
Where's wrong?

Setting Config

  1. inputs.conf
    connection_host = ip
    index = a
    sourcetype = syslog_test
    _TCP_ROUTING = data_out

  2. outputs.conf
    defaultGroup = data_out
    indexAndForward = true



disabled = true

server =

disabled = false
forwardedindex.0.whitelist = a

forwardedindex.1.blacklist = _.*

forwardedindex.2.blacklist = (_audit|_internal|_introspection)

forwardedindex.filter.disable = false
server =

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