How to keep configuration/settings persistent even after the server reboots?


Hello Everyone,

In my environment, I have installed Splunk Enterprise OVA (standalone) and made as a Server and Windows 2012 (with universal forwarder) as client, but there was power suspended and the server had been rebooted with all the configurations, settings which was made all have been refreshed and set to default; So again I have to begin with the fresh configuration such as setting the IP address , mask address and etc.
So what is the correct way to keep these settings or configuration permanent/persistent even after the server reboots.


  1. Set the IP address and all other configuration.
  2. Check the sevices
  3. Set up the Universal forwarder again on the client.
  4. Set the Allow rule for the for the IP address in IPtables services.
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I don't understand, you just "restart" the machine and lose all the local confs? Check with the support, maybe try another version.

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This should not be happening. It sounds to me that you have a misconfigured Deployment Server that has 2 problems:
1: It is overcontrolling your settings
2: It does not have restartSplunkd set so that when it does replace your settings, it does not auto-reboot. Then when you reboot the settings come into effect.

Run this command to see if you are a deploymentclient to a DS:

/opt/splunk/bin/splunk btool deploymentclient list --debug

This should return nothing if you are NOT a DS client. If it returns something, then that is who is in control of your splunk configurations.

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I agree with @woodcok

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Any body can help to give the solution for this issue.

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Have you been in touch with support? I believe the Splunk VMware app is paid for so they should be able to guid you through how to install the DCN OVA

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Did you miss .conf21 Virtual?

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