How to deploy fortimail add-ons in splunk enterprise distributed env?



how to deploy fortimail add-ons in splunk enterprise distributed environment?


As per now ,I was already downloaded the apps and uploaded in splunk search head , what next to do?

-In my env. I have 7servers( 1 SH, 1 splunk management node, 5 indexers),kindly guide me what next to do?

Thank you in advance!

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Hi @pacifikn,

as described at, you have to deploy this Add-on on:

  • SHs, using Deployer (if clustered) or manually,
  • IDXs, using Master Noder (if clustered) or manually,
  • HFs, if present, by Deployment Server or manually.



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Hi @gcusello  thank you for your prompt response,

I have seen the link but it's bit complicated to understand , I have checked*176xpt6*_ga*MTI2NzYyMjM0NC4xNjUwNTcxNDAz*_gid*MTc4MTA3...

But the steps are not clear for me, I would like your assistance if possible and provide me the steps to do on each of the listed components:

  • SHs, manually ( Already done via GUI) 
  • IDXs, manually, (steps to do this in CLI cause i'm using CentOS)
  • HFs, manually. (steps?)

Kindly help me with the steps to do this, Thank you in advance.


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Hi @pacifikn,

I suppose that there some dns problem because sometimes I have strange addresses, anyway the informations are at


You configured this TA on SH and it's immediate

Then you have to install it on indexers anf HFs and should be the same because you can use the GUI.

If you don't want to use the GUi you have to:

  • copy it on the destination,
  • unpack it on $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps
  • copy default/inputs.conf in local/inputs.conf, if the folder doesn't exist, create it,
  • add informations in local/inputs.conf:
    • port
    • fortimail_ip_address
  • you could also add the index in the stanza
  • restart Splunk on that server
  • then you have to check the route between fortimail and Splunk
  • then you have to configure your fortimail to send logs to Splunk



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