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I am trying to setup a windows CLI install and I need to have a switch unchecked

In the Universal Forwarder msi you have the License and default install options box, I worked out how to have the License switch checked but what is the switch to have box with "use this UniversalForwarder with on-premisis Splunk Enterprise. uncheck if you want this UniversalForwarder to contack a Splunk Cloud instance."

I have the switch for the deployment server as well that I will using to have our deployment server added.

Is there a switch for what I am looking for?

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You don't necessarily need a switch. Run the installer one way on one machine. Run the installer the other way on another machine. See what configuration files are different between the 2 machines. Then make sure that your install script modifies the file the way that you desire before you start splunk or just restart splunk. This stuff will not be in the Windows Registry; it will be on disk in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/...

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