Exchange migration specific Requirement from SPLUNK

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We would like to use Splunk for Exchange for monitoring Exchange servers.But before implementing it in our environment i would like to know possibilites of Splunk.
My prominent purpose of monitoirng Exchange server is as below :-
Can i monitor below parameters if i implement Splunk for Exchange ?

  1. Migration specific reporting ( From Exchange 2003 to 2010 )
  2. functions of reporting the scheduled / migrated number of mailboxes per Region / GOC / Country.
  3. Daily count of number of mailboxes migrated per server / per site / per country / per region
  4. Breakup of Active, Inactive and Service accounts
  5. Remaining count of mailboxes on Exchange 2003 servers / per site / country / region
  6. Capture Migration Start Time and End Time per region
  7. Forecast of migration scheduled in future per time (Next day, week and month), GOC, Country, Region etc…
  8. Statistics on Migration Success / Failure Percentage, grouping of Migration specific errors
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Exchange server migration tool you can send your Microsoft data ie calender, contacts,tasks or notes from one exchange server to other exchange server domain form MS Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2007 and Migrate. I will send a blog post you can read it this post is very helpful related your issue : For more details read this blog post :

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