Does deleting or modifying license pool cause any loss of data?

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I have a requirement where I need to add multiple pools for same license stack?
Does editing size of the pool cause any loss of data on indexers?
Does deleting any existing pool cause any loss of data on indexers?

I received below message when I was trying to delete one of the volume.

"Once the pool is deleted, all of the indexers in the pool will lose their shared indexing volumes. Do you still want to delete this pool?

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Hi Saurabh0912,

No, Changing your license pool will not cause any data to be deleted. What you may find, if the new pools are not set up correctly and your groups of indexers start to exceed the volume assigned to them, is that you could see new license exceeded warnings.

Even that message is saying that all of the Indexers in the pool you are deleting, will lose the shared license volumes...not their data volumes.

As long as, at the end of your exercise, every one of your indexers are in license pools that cover the intake volume of them and their license pool brethren, you should be good to go.

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